Surface Clean

Why Nano Cleans Deeper

The simple explanation is:   Bubble Size

A Nano bubble is 1 Billionth of a meter.

Putting into perspective: a marble to the size of Earth or 75,000 nano meters to make a human hair.

As seen below, normal (macro size) soap bubbles have a much smaller surface contact area. With the addition of chemicals such as bleaches, peroxides, etc., a cleaning soap also becomes a disinfectant / sanitizer but still having limited surface contact.

This new technology of optimizing water and oxygen now allows for on demand creation of Aqueous Ozone in Nano Bubble form.

surface-contact  Nano bubble Ozone

Deeper surface penetration - Increased surface coverage

Non toxic - Food Safe

Over 3100x more effective than chlorine

Leaving no film or  bi-products other than oxygen, water and sanitized surfaces


Agricultural uses


A handheld Hygenia ATP Meter can be very beneficial as an early warning system to potential problem areas.

   Many times we have swabbed prior to application of Ozone Nano Bubble and gotten a passing grade;  ( anything below 30 bio luminescence eg: 10 ) only to swab again after applying Ozone Nano Bubble solution and  gotten a higher reading. eg: 1000

  The Nano solution penetrated the bio film not seen and exposed the bacteria under the surface previously (thought to be) cleaned. Simply repeat the process again to the newly exposed surface condition to get the results required.

  By continuing your normal cleaning routine but replacing the soaps and chemicals used with Ozone Nano Bubble you will continue to get excellent results but without soap and chemical costs.

  Traditional chemical cleaners have only surface cleaning ability and leave a continuous building bio-film. 

  Ozone Nano bubbles penetrate deep into the pores without leaving a bio-film behind.