Air/Odor Treatment

Residential, Commercial, Farms, Vehicles, Sports Equipment


Odors Gone               Germs Dead


Pure UV Ozone  


Volume  - 11,200 mg./hr.               Concentration  -  19 ppm

   Any odor can be removed with ozone if the equipment used can produce a high enough concentration to volume. Ozone's utility relies upon CT (concentration and time). Produce enough concentrated Ozone for a long enough period of time for it to oxidize the problem before it reverts back to ordinary oxygen molecules of O2 and a single O atom.


As a biological and chemical odor, tobacco requires

24 to 72 hours for other machines.

 Tobacco  in 12 hrs.

Mold -  8 hrs.

Sewage Backup - 8 hrs.

Cat spray - 6 hrs.

Decontaminate/Sanitize -  4 hrs.

Almost every type of bacteria and virus are destroyed (oxidized) by ozone in a very short period of time leaving no chance to develop a resistance. This oxidizing method is known as LYSIS and is depicted below. Ozone atoms steal electrons from other atoms.

Electrons determine the electro-magnetic attraction to other atoms and keep these atoms bounded with the neighbors.

Loss of electron = loss of attraction to neighboring atom (a hole).

Note; Bounded groups of  atoms make a molecule and bounded groups of  molecules make a cell and so on....

"Lysis" makes  it impossible to develop a resistance