Test Results

Background Info

4 separate tests were run in the same room over a period of weeks due to  occupancy at various times.

Allowable limits are standardized.

Bacteria  must be less than 400 UFC/cm2.

Coliform (feces)  must be less than 10 UFC/cm2

Test 1   > 4 hr. run at 8000 mgs/hr and 19 ppm. showing swab count before treatment and swab count after treatment using one generator.

Test 2   > about 2.5 weeks later was  run for 2hrs (same concentration but half the time).  Pre-treatment counts are much less than test 1 before ozone was ever introduced and tend to remain lower on all tests.

Test 3   > was written on 5 sheets of paper with before and after of one swabbed area on each sheet (unknown reason).

Test 4   > was done with smaller automobile machine at 2000 mgs/hr. and 17 ppm for a 4 hr duration




Mesophilic bacteria (top row)  Mesophiles are microorganisms such as some species of Bacteria , Fungi , and even some Archaea that are best active at median temperatures.

Coli Form ~ (bottom row) Feces     

4 columns per test

Area Swabbed             Swab count                 unit forming colonies/cm2                  allowable limits for health care